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[audio]161DIYChurch_Els Vandeweyer - G.O:D
Els Vandeweyer visiting the church.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Els Vandeweyer; Improv; Berlin; Picnic; Organ
Downloads: 27
[audio]183DIYChurch_native bruital family fairytale - G.O:D
guests are :² Bruital Orgasme. - is Fil & Nath, from Belgium. Married couple in the real life, they are playing with frequencies, sounds they record during their tours, home made sounds generators, modified devices, lost and found sounds from many sources (as old vinyls, turntables without records, radios, tapes...) + their son who will be part of their performance as well. ORPHAN FAIRYTALE - A maze of ever-changing Casio trips dripping with childish ecstasy, a belly dancer oozing for endless a...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; Bruital Orgasme; Orphan Fairytale; Indias Indios
Downloads: 53
[audio]200DIYChurch_200DIYChurch_200times_4_2hrs(I told you so edit) - G.O;D
Episode # 200, still no guest invited since a while, mumbling in the mic- still. mix is loud and eclectic - mind the gap. but ya that's how it sounds living an open radio crises online in 2013 on air. Live. a healing crisis. no resume ...have a nice week and thanks for listening and staying tuned & true. UR ChurcH
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; DJ ShluchT; Mix; Crisis; Internet; Radio
Downloads: 14
[audio]202DIYChurch_BatmanElektronikPRT_II - G.O:D
Part 2 of the broadcasts from Batman Elektronik.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Batman Elektronic; Art; Gallerie Mikael Andersen
Downloads: 38
[audio]060DIYChurch_valentinos beat case - G.O:D
60th years of Valentino s Beat Case Beloved friends of D.I.Y Churchism, the weekly radio doing a valve n tino sepcial. We will have a extraordinary date with Shalom Salon, live from Weimar. Weimar is a famous serious place for classic german brains and wurst, but in fact it s just a place for cool young people who behave like an old poet. Therefor a group of preposterous skilled vision masters, called "Rap Ohne Lizenz", are grabing the mic back...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; RapOhneLizenz; Shalom Salon; Beatcase; weimar; homebody; valentino
Downloads: 31
[audio]130DIYChurch Brutal Happy CoCo - G.O:D
mit COCO das ist der aufbau so ungefähr.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; CoCo; brutal happy tapes; bei roy; amps
Downloads: 40
A radioshow from the living room of Mr. Andres Lauge Meldgaard. Anders is part of the Danish YOYOOYOY collective. WHAT IS YOYO OYOY yoyooyoy is an art collective, free of generes and artforms yoyooyoy is about finding new connections yoyooyoy is one expression in different forms.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; YOYOOYOY; Iku Sakan; ANders Lauge Meldgaard; Wedding; Installation; Festival; 166
Downloads: 44
[audio]189DIYChurch_Gambletronix - G.O:D
Gambletron in the house.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Live; Stream; Dirty; Impro; Radio; Internet; 189; Gambltron; effect; Saw
Downloads: 27
[audio]184DIYChurch_Alarms `n` Alerts - G.O:D
,__________ O ____ ____ /' ) ) /' /' )--/' )-- /' / /' /' /' /' '---, '---, /' /' /' /' /(__(__(___,/ (___,/ (___,/(__ I had this peep in my house, guess something like an empty batteries warning alert for a fire prevention system. anyway it was peeping for quite a while 24/7. in the beginning I was very irritated from it but than I got used to it the day I wanted to record it - the landlord changed the batteries and it was gone...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; Peep; Landlord; batteries; fire prevention; Bijlmer; Berlin
Downloads: 24
[audio]186DIYChurch_s186 shitty eternal fillings - G.O:D
Dj Hobby and Blue Stork in the church about the 186 most popular shitty eternal filling based on a true story. Shlucht was there too.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; Blue Stork; Eternal; DJ Hobby; man; men; Shitty; Fillings; Feelings; $
Downloads: 28
[audio]167 DIYChurch Birthdayland - G.O:D
The Grumpy Dj at the church. once every year he is coming and playing pop music and his own music as well. Also this episode features The Berlin Art Prize an independent annually award for contemporary art in Berlin and last but not least DJ Olio head of the 8BitVomit swarm.
Keywords: DIYChurch;; The Grumpy DJ; Berlin Art Prize; 8Bit Vomit; DJ Olio; Berlin
Downloads: 48
[audio]209DIYChurch_You Are Not So Wrong - G.O:D
In this episode - the last of the year 2013 on planet earth. Wojciech Kucharczyk from MIK Musik is presenting his label via a quiz show and chatting in-between bout production and ideas in his work but also in Polish underground.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Wojciech Kucharczyk; MIK Musik; Poland; Warsaw; independent; Radio; Musik; Quiz; Skype
Downloads: 29
In this episode you will here H/Heloise, Blackhoods and Cementimental talking, improvising and presenting a little bit their Zam Zam Label & tour. The Radioshow was broadcasted on foolsday from Das Andere Selbst (thank you
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Cementimental; H; Blackhoods; Aquarium guru; Kids; Noise; Das Andere Selbst; Autotune
Downloads: 23
[audio]@ Basement () I - G.O:D
visit in a basement somewhere in Berlin. This basemenst is the HQ.Was there already a few times and i guess this show is the beginning of a series with the basement and its owners.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Basement; the last humanist; Berlin; Taishi Nagasaka; <; Dj Olio
Downloads: 32
[audio]163 DIY Church Extented Trailers In Slow Motion - G.O:D
DJ ONONiiONIONIION mixing regular cosmic chaos under certain circumstances in the church of DIY...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Slow Motion; DJ ONONiiONIONIION; DJ; Mix; 163; unter the table
Downloads: 48
[audio]180DIYChurch_Internet Pssychology - G.O:D
HELLO²@ Iku Sakan ( !insert link here!) & Chia Imam (!insert next link here!) concept: every once a while the concepts wants us to invite someone 4 a radioshow. Not particular a person who is dj, musician. Also normal real life people with common phenomenon are allowed to take part. She or he is asked to play and present the music and sounds she/he likes at the moment the most. (mixes & play_lists/ live and prerecorded) And even sometimes DIYChurch selects a special topic or context for the pat...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; Iku Sakan; Sun in your Head; Chia Imam; DJ; Concept
Downloads: 41
[audio]158DIYChurch_Jeff Surak Zeromoons Sonic Circuit - G.O:D
Jeff Surak started in the early 80s participating in the international hometaper network. He released his music under the name -1348- on his own Watergate Tapes imprint along with other artists such as Controlled Bleeding, Kapotte Musik, Odal, F.A.R. and collaborations with John Hudak, Crawling With Tarts, Zan Hoffman and others. Surak also performed and toured with his live unit New Carrollton creating improvised post industrial soundscapes...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Channel A; Jeff Surak; Violet; Zeromoon; Netlabel; Film; Russia; Noise; Experimental; Sonic Circuits
Downloads: 49
[audio]138DIYChurch_Letzter Zug zur Zukunft - G.O:D
Günter daTschadelic Reznicek in der DIY Church show.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Nova Huta; Günter; Reznicek; DaTschadelic; Hamburg; Groenland Orchester; La Stampa
Downloads: 30
[audio]179DIYChurch_QUEERMediaChOiR - G.o;D
a former guest is back. that happens sometimes. & the station_manager was around 2.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Radio; Minuit De Lacroix; JanJan; Guest; back; queer; media; core
Downloads: 14
[audio]198DIYChurch_Bank Account Statement Printer VS Dosenpfandrueckegabeautomat - G.O;D
DIY Church with Java Delle from Hamburg.JD runs TimTimTonTräger, a small record label for noise, harsh noise and all kinds of anti music concepts.This show is a romantic special about anti_soundscapes and no music.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; TimTimTonTräger; harsh; noise; ambient; anti soundscape; no music; Java Delle
Downloads: 16
[audio]176DIYChurch_The New Trainers - G.O:D
Visiting DJ Cougar aka DJ Hobby @ his studio in Baumschulenweg / Berlin. kind of suburban hood in the south. Just the day before the jeweller from next door got killed in a shooting- R.I.P. #lasttrackattitude
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Baumschulenweg; Berlin; DJ Hobby; last track attitude; DJ Lonely; Studio; Traptow
Downloads: 15
[audio]196DIYChurch movies 4 the radio (slowmotionEdit) - G.O:D
A radioshow with Francesco Cavaliere. In this episode the listener is invited to dive into the textures of slowed down movies. list of films soon for now from wiki : Slow motion (commonly abbreviated as slowmo) is an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down. It was invented by the Austrian priest August Musger. Typically this style is achieved when each film frame is captured at a rate much faster than it will be played back...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Slow Motion; Francesco Cavaliere; Films for radio; reading out a book
Downloads: 13
[audio]195DIYChurch_BankOfMoneyTemplates - G.O:D
dj shlucht rmxin corel draw!5
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; loudly; detail; 1hr; endless; voice; rmx; corel draw 5; 1994; clipart
Downloads: 51
[audio]193DIYChurch Chieftain's selection - G.O:D
Virgo made a selection of tracks he would dj if he were a dj. but he isn't so he brought the tracks and dj shluchT had to dj it.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio 23; DJ; Virgo; Selection; floating; feather; Bozen; trans art; aui oi
Downloads: 30
[audio]241DIYChurch_transparent bus ticket - G:O;D
this week I printed a bus ticket on transparent film & send my friend to frankfurt with it. It worked ;). P.S.: will post a picture here in very soon.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; Synthesizer; Iris; Danke; Meyer; Roland; $-track; 4 tracks; loop; trance; euro;
Downloads: 32
[audio]133DIYChurch Wirrungen und Verwirrungen innerhalb das Fin des Cycles Magnetiques - G.O:D
Rinus searching live for a tape. a lost tape.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Tape; Lost; Rinus van Alebeek; noises
Downloads: 44
[audio]135DIYChurch_Der Koffer Hat Seine Eigenen Gesetze - G.O:D
Poshmaster 3000 @ the church
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Poshmaster; 3000; Krachkoffer; Gesetz; Law; Nerd
Downloads: 47
[audio]229DIYChurch_ZAMZAM Vault - G:O;D_dess
DIYChurch from the ZamZam headquarter in Bristol - noising around together with Uiutna, H, Cementimental & plus 2 special visitors .... L and LaptopBoy.
Keywords: DIYCHurch; Radio23; internet; 228; Zam Zam; Tapes; Cementimental; Uiutna; H; the island; noise; dj shluchT
Downloads: 40
[audio]243DIYChurch_GoneHome_DamienHirst'sDriveIn_mix - G:O;D
pre-fall mix 2014. mh @summer if you read this... -> maybe next year stay a little longer, please.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; ORG; Damien Hirst; Mix; LoopTape; Industrial; long; repeat; DJ; Fall; Pre; Post
Downloads: 28
[audio]134DIYChurch_Fresh Pie of 1905 - G.O:D
Olga Nosova & Alexei Borisov from ASTMA at the church. talking about Russia & underground in the late 70s till early 90s & performing as well.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Olga Nosova & Alexei Borisov; ASTMA; Notchnoi Prospekt; Moscow
Downloads: 46
[audio]215DIYChurch_Telephone operated time machine - G.O:D
a mix by shugosonic. in the mix : Intro: Schugosonic- Logic Telephone Filterz + Olympics 1972 Intro Andre Previn - Executive Party William Onyeabor - Body and Soul Crazy P - The Hit (over Eat Static - Abnormal Interference) Global Goon - Got My Ultra Keks On Squarepusher - Fat Controller Gramme - I Feel The Moment Kasper Bjørke - Back and Spine (TomBoy Remix) Global Goon - Robotnik Drencrom Planetary Assault Systems - Booster Thor - I Can Ride Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte Rick James - Cold Blood...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Shugosonic; Synth; Mix; Radio; 215; Bijlmer; Operator; Time; Machine; Telephone
Downloads: 24
[audio]197DIYChurch Radio Blue Room - G.O:D
Radioshow with Ché Zara Blomfield from THE COMPOSING ROOMS & Blue Stork making a mix for the composing rooms mix series.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Emotional; Composing Rooms; Blue Stork; Ché Zara Blomfield; game over; battlemode
Downloads: 29
[audio]185DIYChurch_"cybersex&scale's with @djkrokodile // SCHOOLBOYLATTE with @CHAiT " - G.O:D
expect 2 energetic Dj performances or even better imagine a white alien dancing in ur bathroom while djing this until it breaks down.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Internet; Radio23; tek; chicago; CHAiT유+웃; DJkrokodil; (крокодил, ); Bathroom; Alien; Puma; eternal sport
Downloads: 33
[audio]205DIYChurch_CyberMondayEDIT - G.O;D
live skype mix 4 Cyber Monday by my skype friend Ryan P.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Cyber Monday; CHAi-t; Supermarket; DJkrokodil(крокодил, ); Skype
Downloads: 10
[audio]DIYChurch @ Kinderhook & Caracas AUGUST 10 Beige by Hanne Lippard - G.O:D
Sicherheitsdienst im Auftrag der BVG - Steven Warwick. was an exhibition in August 2012 @ Kinderhook & Caracas Berlin. In this recording you will here Hanne Lippard reading her Text "Beige".
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Steven Warwick; Kinderhook & Caracas; Berlin; Sicherheit; BVG; Security; Hanne Lippard; Beige
Downloads: 24
[audio]212DIYChurch_BlueMonday-BlauerMontag - G.O:D
Blue monday feature from the Dresden wildsmile studies. Guest in the second part of the show is Alwin Weber aka STÖRENFRIED.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Alwin Weber; Störenfried; Circuit Circle; Circuit bending; Dresden; Wildsmile; Stickma; C. Rockefeller
Downloads: 84
[audio]DIYChurch @ Radio226 Weekends - G.O:D
the so far earliest radioshow and prob earliest concert DIY Church managed to create. Weekends very nice band from Baltimore. A morning show for the radio 226 project.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Radio226; Baltimore; Weekends; Band; Indy; DIY; UDK; Berlin
Downloads: 27
[audio]155 DIY Church Mario Mentrup guter weiser hai - G.O:D
Mario Mentrup zu gast in der sendung. Mumblecore spezial.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Knochen=Girl; Pasadena Project; Fantome Verlag; Mario Mentrup; Flow; Punk; Bike
Downloads: 30
[audio]218DIYChurch_The loops I made and never found - G:O;D
The loops I found and never made.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Loops; Internet; Black Market; Music; Mix; Berlin; 2014; 218; holding; Line
Downloads: 28
[audio]177DIYChurch_Sun in UR Head - G.O:D
DIY Church with Nathan Siter & Paul AKA Comadrome. hosted by the lovely Iku Sakan Head of the Sun in UR head. - Nathan Siter Nathan Siter is an American ex pat currently living in Finland. His releases on Berlin's Zhark label and Antwerp's Plague Recordings were well received, compared as a crossing between Pan Sonic and Thomas Köner. he is also notable for organizing "Avantgarde FM" project, which he taking handle each year for Krautrock legend Faust's Avantganrde Festival in Schiphorst, Germa...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Nathan Siter; Comadrome; 808; DJ; Iku Sakan; Sun in Your Head; Radio
Downloads: 61
[audio]190DIYChurch Space Poetry - G.O:D
Jesper Fabricius from Space Poetry at the Church. Presenting his space poetry publishing and gives a little inside view in the Pist Protta.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Copenhagen; Pist Protta; Jesper Fabricius; Space Poetry; Book; Magazine
Downloads: 13
[audio]139DIYChurch_riding on a DIYsfunctional Beat - G.O:D
a guest called Jonas Ohlsson in the radio-show. When one reads previously published articles and interviews with Jonas one realizes that writing a classical press release for a show with Jonas Ohlsson is a difficult task. Jonas lives and works in Amsterdam although he was born in Örebro, Sweden. He prob just moved 2 Amsterdam because of Staalplaat. He is part of a project called FATFORM Fatform is an ongoing art project on the rooftop of the Kraaiennest Shopping Centre in Amsterdam -Zuidoost th...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Dj Lonely; Blodfet; Sweden; Börft; Disfunctional; Fatform; Berlin; Enema Syringe
Downloads: 54
[audio]178DIYChurch_Andreas Arndt s jumble of bits of paper - G.O:D
the German/Swedish artist Andreas Arndt organised a room, made a self build drum & bought some mics. and it's the last stop of his " The End Of The World Tour". So basically the idea is to prepare everything in the first 55 minutes (without preparing stuff before the show!!! challenging) and than record the drum 'n' rap record within the next 65 minutes. one shot - kind of --- ah ... later in vinyl/ 12", 180gram
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Radio; Drumkit; Andreas Arndt; Amsterdam; Drum'n Rap; devotion
Downloads: 43
[audio]226DIYChurch_Antibiotika - G:O;D
the grumpy dj on Penicillin
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; 226; Antibiotika; antibiotica; Penicillin; UK; USA; Grumpy Dj; the; zimmer; Bloody Mary (cocktail)
Downloads: 42
[audio]253DIYChurch_Death & Resurrection Show - G:O;D
another radio show for TV-Land. Halloween special. With Perro Flauta & Wassim from Centrifuge playing non western music (nothing to do with country music) ah and aliens who start to become physical via websites on the internet (simple html) to get in touch with humans. Plus a call to the airport where our friend and helper Time Drag gives an exclusive inside in the security / border control.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Death; Hungriger Geist; Wassim; cebtrifuge; airport; border; control; time drag; cementimental
Downloads: 17
[audio]210DIYChurch_a term chosen to illustrate - G.O:D
In this episode DIYChurch's residents JanJan, Dj Hobby and der warst present their fieldrecordings. Reaching from hardcore fieldrecordings to an epic sunrise on the island of Mauritius. Special Treasures for the first show in 2014 -the International Year of Family Farming and Crystallography. Field recording is the term used for an audio recording produced outside of a recording studio. Field recordings can be either of two varieties...
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Fieldrecording; JanJan; DJ Hobby; der warst; Mauritius; hardcore; 2014; birthday
Downloads: 52
[audio]231DIYChurch_Babel T - G:O;D
In the era of slow time - a time far away. Some different animals from various origins and cultures came together at a central meeting point. The idea was to quickly build a tower to the heavens that could also serve as a residential and social base. To shoot for the stars. A decision had to be made for the appearance of this building which could be seen in the minds eye in seconds. The only problem .....
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; 231; Bethanien; Berlin; Künstlerhaus; .kunstraumkreuzberg; Kongress der Artikulation; babel, Tower; Bubbel; Tea
Downloads: 74
[audio]251DIYChurch__Dogged Lands from Wasteland Twinning Network - G.O;D
Interview with Alex Head from the Wasteland Twinning Network and presentation of "Dogged Lands" an audio essay for and about wastelands by Alex for the Wasteland Twinning Network.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Org; Internet; Wastland; Twinning; Network; Dogged Lands; Alex Head; Wasteland Twinning
Downloads: 26
[audio]136DIYChurch_Sehr Kosmisch - G.O:D
the church went on a ride with Tal Steady Kill & Farfour.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Tal Steady Kill; Farfour; Berliner Schule; Sehr Kosmisch; Harmonia
Downloads: 31
[audio]220DIYChurch_tourgifts_and_DJ_called_Barbapapa (heesterveld-edit) - G:O;D
Post tour radioshow from the Heesterveld Community/ Amsterdam. This show was done at DJ Barbapapa s home studio/club/ disco - featuring records and tapes we got for the little tour from Stenze Quo & Vakantie and a dj set by DJ Barbapapa.
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Internet; Heesterveld; Amsterdam; Barbapapa; DJ; Stenze Quo; Vakantie; Tour; Amsterdam
Downloads: 21
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